The MXGP Comunidad Valenciana is called to be one of the sports events of reference in Spain next 2018. 

That´s why from RedSand has been considered for best organization to have a partnership with the MC Talavera, one of the Spanish Motocross references.

It´s an honour for us the support and the partnership with MC Talavera.

MXGP COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA first photo shooting to promote our GP in March will be soon on media. Thanks to all riders to be part of RedSand : Jorge Prado (KTM), Jose Butron (KTM), Iker Larrañaga (Huqvarna), Kevin Horgmo (KTM), Ander valentin (Honda), Francesc Mataro (Kawasaki), Jorge Zaragoza (Yamaha), Pablo Naert (KTM), Mario Lucas (Husqvarna), David Braceras (Huqvarna), Eddie Jay Wade (KTM) 



FIRST TEAMS & PRO RIDERS in Red Sand MX PARK preparin new season from Husqvarna Factory Teams  : Gautier Paulin, Max Anstie, Thomas K. Olsen, Thomas Covington , from KTM Factory Teams  : Jeffrey Herlings, Glen Coldenhoff, Pauls Jonass and Jorge Prado , from Yamaha Factory Teams : Shaun Simpson, Arnaud Tonus and Jeremy Seewer , from Husqvarna : Mel Pocock, Dylan Woodcock , Iker Larrañaga , from KTM : Kevin Horgmo 



More information soon.

MXGP COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA in RedSand MX PARK next 24-25 March 2018 and for a 5 years contract with YouthStream . We are so proud to announce that RedSand MX PARK  will be part of the MX World Championship for the next years . Also with European class EMX125 and EMX250. 



More information soon.

STEVEN LENOIR died today after fatal accident during the week end , bad days for all friends and family , also for us , still in sock ! Steven we will miss you , after many years with us . You will be part of RedSand MX PARK , track numer 2 , the one´s you like more will be under your name . Our condolences to his family and friends .